There were a few items in the newsgroups when I searched via Google for “SQLS01” but most of them were either a post of the problem with no replies or not in English French and German I think. Oracle Database Version Compatibility. Indicator readings appear missing but the checksheet has processed. Export to Excel incomplete. A host of errors they get Calculated Indicator unexpectedly marks previous reading as incorrect.

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Well as I’m supposing this is a Network Wide problem.

Domain validation fails during User setup, but doesn’t give the failure reason. None of the above, continue with my search. As soon as Derver have a position I’ll let you know.

If dobc on a local SQL Serverthe communication link failure occures when network connection broke down between two uses of recordsets. The companies solution is to wait a few months till the next rewrite of their program becomes available which will be SQL Compliant.

sqlstate = 08S01 [microsoft][odbc sqlserver]communication link failure – TechRepublic

Mobile Rest Service cannot start due to shared port been used. Oracle error value loarger than specified precision allowed. Sign in to vote. Task Template indicators-to-read not added to Standard Task asset’s child assets. APM Server service started and then stopped.


Frequent odbc communication link failure

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event. A read operation on a large object failed while sending data to the client.

I’m struggling on this! APM Server Manager website does not launch. I found some articles that might be useful to you.

Introduction to APM Support. This has always in my experience lead to problems eventually as when things break you don’t know what has happened recently so you have no idea where to start looking to fix the problem that has arisen.

Odgc to log APM messages to a custom file target. Customer Configuration causing terminal error. Performance tips for Checksheet export to Excel. ODC readings collecting 4 hours in future.

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So, I read the Microsoft article once again and notice that he problem could be solved changing the default network library to Named Pipes or Multi-Protocol: You mentioned that the two machines were on different networks and there could be any number of problems between the two computers.


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SQLSTATE 08S01 [ODBC SQL Server Driver]Communication link failure

Sign up using Facebook. An unexpected exception occurred. Frequent odbc communication link failure False. Not receiving email notifications from scheduled actions. How to verify whether a report has been customized.

The default is MB. Remote download package does not generate SQL on first save. Oracle – Invalid Stored Procedure need to be recompiled. Lets start at the beginning.

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