I’ve got 30 days to come up with something. I will look into your recommendation — Thanks. This page has been accessed , times. This can be corrected by changing the FSB value in kernel flags, but it is recommended to update the kernel. One thing you should note that the mobo has a PCI -Express x16 slot but it operates at x4. I owned the 4-core dual sata 2 , and it was SUCH a hunk of junk.

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775sual mailing list Subject: In my personal opinion, running quad’s is not worth it because of the FSB hit and few of the games supporting quad cores.

No issues as I recall. I’m thinking of getting a GS, not sure if it’ll work though.

In Windows 10, there can be an issue installing drivers for a PCI-Express, but just run the following command and you’re good to go: I will look into your recommendation — Thanks. Here’s my 3dmark 06 result I got with it. I tried installing the RAID drivers too at the begining of setup and that didn’t help either. I owned the 4-core dual sata 2and it was SUCH a hunk of junk. So I suspect compatability. I lack a floppy disk right now so that’s the only reason i haven’t tried. It has auto detected my DDR correctly, and now that I have removed that drive all is perfect, which points more clearly at the drive.


But to be honest it made no difference other than running hotter, which I’d rather it didn’t do, I did go from 21s to 19s at 1M SuperPi, not sure of the real world benefits of that though Glad to hear that vsts is close enough to being good. This allows greater overclocks than 3.


Regards, Andreas Rogge Am Samstag, den Same mobo, two MB raptors in raid 0. Hopefully some more members here can chime in with their experiences. Thanks for the suggestions. Change another SATA cable.

[CentOS] asrock 775 dual-vsta mb and linux with sata raid

What is your biggest Pentium 4 Collection? It’s fake raid aka software raid done through a proprietary driver. How did you get 4Gb running? William Warren which chipset does that board have? Last edited by jordi on I flashed it with PCtrieber’s unofficial bios about 5 yrs ago and run with 4GB 3. vdta

Dual-VSTA – OSx86

No didn’t install the drivers, but not using raid so Vstaa don’t need to right?? Its just a very odd pattern of temp change. More information about this patch can be found here. So I think it might have been dying.

  HPQ0004 3 B1BFB68 0 DRIVER

Mel I am in the middle of this. How do i disable the PATA controller? I told them about it and haven’t gotten a reply yet. Still waiting for new one to arrive, old IDE is fine as always though. Even under conditions of copying 15Gb from other drives it would only hit It is also a very cool running CPU and it’s very easy and cheap to get hold off. Pretty stable board when you find the right BIOS settings, but it underperforms clock-for-clock compared to most other boards.