Pretty much any character in the game with a non-symmetrical feature on their design will have it flipped when they face the other way. Let’s add Xing and Xang on our list; the Hero tries to ask 5 questions and they do that, but it’s not what the Hero had in mind. Well, without spoiling much, a terribly unforeseen event happens to both of them. Also, the event explains Drakath’s reason to gain power. Then a button appears saying “Time Warp?

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Your dreams might not be so sweet when you’re living IN them, my dears! And when sdord doesn’t prove to be enough, Drakath himself steps in to grant the Hero the necessary power to destroy Ledgermayne. Also, the event explains Drakath’s reason to gain power.

zword Also removed your signature. It might be your only hope of saving Kezeroth and helping his plan to save Lore. Gravelyn swears that once Drakath is finished, she will finish what her father started. It’s not the dark that Twilly is afraid of at all! We also have Artix, who gets one when he notices the Fear Feeder, sonif to quiver in fear afterwards.

Many of the Rank 10 faction classes are quite capable of soloing most bosses, including the Necromancer, the Troll Spellsmith, the Undead Slayer and others. He then gives her Vordred’s skull. Instead, they found a burning city filled with undead and a giant, flying dracolich hovering just above the King’s medieval castle.


AQW Dragon Blade

Drakath, as well as Thok. Or make another samurai set like Jade Samurai. After saving a dragon from a princess Yeshe or she moves to Swordhaven, in hope of getting their reward. Lolosia, where one can get the Pirate Class and catch a ferry to Akiba.

AdventureQuest Worlds (Video Game) – TV Tropes

I would like to remind you this was not my idea but me suggesting it on behalf of the person from Twitter. There’s a quest where you have to get bear skin.

All Swords Are the Same: Pretty much any character in the game with a non-symmetrical feature on their design will have it flipped when they face the other way. Sealed Evil in a Can: However, Artix is shown to be very caring for the spirits he ‘slays’ and they in return help him use Paladin Magic since he is an Undead Slayer.

The cyber platinum knight suggestion. He became the 12th Lord of Chaos, and in his madness he killed his eldest daughter. This is the part where he comes out of the smoke undamaged, huh? Characters are voiced during the Live Events. One of the emotes lets you do this with any weapon. Until she learned the hard way that Noxus created her father’s undead army.


To be fair, the children’s nursery tale made Desoloth appear to be a good soul, not a great consumer. Deady can also be viewed as this.

Finally, everybody gets this reaction again when they realize that Drakath gives Lynaria’s tomb the power to fully grant Gravelyn’s wish, leading to a question of what things would’ve been if Drakath hadn’t interrupted the battle between King Alteon and Sepulchure in the beginning of the game. Sepulchure’s famous castle was this That’s rather unusual for a paladin, even though he usually only fears the color pink.

This doesn’t seem like much of a victory Everybody trapped at the bottom of soni Necropolis cavern gets this reaction when Lynaria’s tomb partially grants Gravelyn’s wish for her father to come back. Further revelations then establish that Sepulchure’s daughter, Gravelyn, who stepped up as Empress of the Shadowscythe after her father’s demise, is the Champion of Light.

I’ll get you for this!

Can we get a cape for the new Pumpkin-Caster gear?