Copy the latest Kernel into this Linux system. Download the MAC tool form following link: After the process finished, please restart the system. It is an ASRock new technology. After I follow the step 1 to 3 to fasten the screws, the cover cannot be locked well. Please set FSB jumper in pin Test 3. This new released driver can solve this problem.

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Is it possible to run a pci-e 16x 2. Please refer below link to download Realtek Wireless Lan driver ver: My onboard audio is Realtek HD audio.

Remove the card slowly with both hands holding the PCIE devices. Please refer to the following steps to set up the Realtek Audio Manager correctly. If using Windows 10 RS1 and installing Realtek driver, it may get “!

Then tighten all of them. The system will start to format the floppy diskette and copy SATA drivers into the floppy diskette.


ASRock Launches ALiveDual-eSATA2 Motherboard

After installing the motherboard and LAN drivers, restart your computer and then open Device Manager. The default value of this option is “Disabled”.

How do I set the Teaming function and combine both onboard LANs to be a team with more bandwidth in my system? The Hybrid Booster features supported on each models are a little different. After loading the BIOS default, please exit and save changes. It is a basic function for ASRock motherboard.

Please set FSB jumper in pin Test 3. Make sure your motherboard supports Creative Sound and with Realtek Audio driver installed.

Then, select ” Device Manager “. Press Space on keyboard to toggle checkbox. Please unzip and open the folder to execute “setup”. Adjusted by setting onboard FID jumpers. It shows that the Vcore will decrease with the CPU loading increasing.

Please download the MR driver Ver. How do I do? Please make sure that you have installed the latest Asrofk and two MHz or higher frequency memory modules in dual channel.


ASRock > ALiveXFire-eSATA2

What is the 1MB shared memory used for? Please slightly fasten the screws in the order of number 1, 2 and 3.

Are there recommended memory configurations for my motherboard? Joined Jul 23, Messages 27, 6. Plug the 24 pin power connector on the motherboard without other devices.


Please kindly follow the steps below. The firmware updating process is finished. Please install the WiFi utility driver v Asrodk maximum DDR memory support is actually about 3.

According to the ATX specification, it is not necessary to screw this hole, you can please just use a plastic stand to bear this hole. After the installation has finished you will see below message, please restart your system at this moment. What is Boot Failure Sounr B.