It also carried with it a pretty hefty price tag. Here the 16 M B PCI- based Matrox G and the Maxforce RivaTNT2 were not able to take the pres- sure and failed to respond when we ran the test at the maximum resolution of x at bit colour and bit texture depth. It delivers a crisp and crystal clear display but as always with the best performers, it demands a hefty premium. Spam scares I M users Siam attacks on instant nessengers IMs are aising questions about the future of one of the fastest-growing applications on the Internet. The Asus card to top the score chart was the V Deluxe Combo— it scored Sony CPD-G won by a hair’s breadth, scor- ing 4. Travnova is great for a wide range of hotel packages including premium hotels.

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TUA is India’s number 1 gaming clan.

Long hours spent in front of a monitor can cause damage to one’s eyes and in some cases even cause severe headaches. All in all, performance starts taking a nosedive. It had a DVI interface for connecting the new-genera- tion graphics cards. Sfs surely should- n’t be on your list if you are a designer or need to work for print publications. You can disable on-board audio by entering the system BIOS and disabling it from there.

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In contrast, the Benq P logged a disappointing score of It logged an extremely high score of 24 points— the highest score in the entire comparison test, across all categories of CRT monitors. The support for Macs in India today doesn’t match up to what is avail- able for the PC. The test could take up to 45 minutes depending on your configuration. It checks for screen uniformity which basically determines whether the image will be clear through- out without variation in colour, contrast and brightness.


Place you bid and if you get lucky, you could end up winning a free holiday or air tickets at rock-bottom prices. Asuz your subscription Aaus a change in mailing address Xes a back issue Need assistance on any of these issues?


The Sex card to top the score chart was the V Deluxe Combo— it scored You can change the pixel as well as back- ground wsus at the press of a set of keys to see the impact of various colour com- binations. The Best Value award, on the other hand, is awarded to the product that we feel has the best combination of price and performance. There was no visiblecolourtingeand no problem view- ing the document at an angle.

Although we would like it to be so, program- rwl mers aren’t always the Yoda of coding. Sharpness and Resolution Here the test utility lights up only one pixel, which is made up of three subpix- els representing red, green and blue.

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Upcoming titles include Rise of Nations, an empire-building game similar to the popular Civ- ilization series, and Age of Mythology a strategy game based on the Age of Empires series. It also has voice activation dialling and a translucent Motog- lo keypad for hassle-free dial ling in pitch darkness.

A simple optical disk cartridge protects the optical disc’s recording surface from dust and fingerprints.

The cards based on the M 64 chipset suffered here. Just like shuffling words, he’s juggling video clips.

It had a soft-touch back-lit panel which made it very easy to operate the OSD. Make sure that you choose a resolution setting that you are comfortable with— a x resolution on a inch screen might not be very comfortable to view even if your monitor supports it.


Apart from checking the image quality from the screenshot that was taken from a default location in Quake III, we also looked for artifacting, texture loss, p4b26-6c, while running the dif- ferent benchmarks. Though all the cards based on the various ATi chipsets managed to pass this test, none of them came close to offering any com- petition to cards based on nVidia’s GeForce2-MX chipsets.

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With improvements in manufacturing processes, prices have fall en and you can comfortably include a inch LCD mon- itor in your PC budget.

The number of games that support the high -end features offered by the top cards of today isthe lower sidetoo. Holiday packages Prefer escorted tours? This is ssus a lot of information required to run applications is not loaded in the physical memory RAM and needs to be read from the disk. Traveijini’s newsletter ‘Deal-a-jini’ brings deals right into your inbox. A place to rest Booking a hotel is p4b266-cc breeze on line, what with the wide variety and the passport status online, look up foreign exchange rates, and consider insurance options.

As a result, one can see two images of the viewable object.