The 6 nanosecond Hyundai RAM started producing amusing glitches at the MHz clock speed mark – the usual single-pixel twinkles, but also rather stylish coloured lighting blobs flashing randomly on walls in Quake 2. Video Card Specification Comparison. Its 16 bit rendering is about as fast as its 32 bit, when it should be considerably faster at the lower and less demanding bit depth. The Radeon turned out slower than the GTS for the lower resolution, but faster for the higher one, and averaged out at much the same speed. These differences can range from simple things such as not having any software bundles or not having any TV output, to much more serious issues such as different memory configurations or lower operating frequencies.

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Since the G4 was such a niche product, it would do well with a powerful graphics processor like the Radeon. The Radeon turned out slower than the GTS for the lower resolution, but faster for the higher one, and averaged out at much the same speed.

But for ordinary single-monitor AGP cards for PCs, when 3D speed matters, Matrox cards are too slow, and 3dfx cards are too expensive, and nobody else makes anything that can compete with the current 3dfx and Nvidia hardware. Mobile APU, Step 3: Just as a quick refresher, this 0. But I gave it a whirl anyway.

Log in Don’t have an account? Above all, it had decent performance too. Macrovision aims to foul up a VCR’s automatic gain adjustment feature, producing derf brightness variation, but it has no effect on almost all televisions.

Review: ATI Radeon DDR OEM graphics card

But you can’t use this Radeon. I am sure you are getting weird ideas now!


The exact model is Z 80EC My problem is lack of memory. However, when I checked the properties section of the card, it was listed as running at AGP 4x. D6 such deep roots among many OEMs and branded computers, it was no surprise that ATI coped well in the retail scene during the days of its Rage and Rage products.

The Chip – ATI Radeon 32MB SDR

When the Radeon first came out, its drivers were somewhat flaky but it actually performed better than a GeForce2 GTS in medium-to-high resolutions and 32 bit colour. It is also an indication that more high density memory parts are being manufactured today. The overall performance of the Radeon was not bad. But above by the GTS beats the MX handily, especially when there’s a lot going on, and the main reason is its much faster memory.

The first one tells you what your frame rate in the single player game’s going to be, the second one tells you what you’ll get in a hectic multiplayer game, and the third one is an insane blast-fest whose average frame rate isn’t much better than the worst frame rate you’ll ever see in a real dadeon Q2 match.

ATI Radeon R6 DDRF SD64MB AGP Video Card 215R6EBSA13

The card we received was an evaluation unit and we did not get to see the original package that came with the entire product.

Video Card Specification Comparison.

The Radeons that work with the Mac don’t work in PCs, and vice versa. You think your nVidia GeForce card is pushing the ambient casing temperature a little too much? If you don’t mind having a computer that responds sluggishly while the DVD’s playing – and, since you’re probably just sitting and watching the movie, it’s unlikely to be a problem – then software decoding’s fine.


Some variety of TNT2 if you want to save money. I am not sure if these are the full shipping drivers but as you will see later, these ‘Alpha’ drivers performed quite well in our tests. We can see a trend in new video cards such that more expensive higher density memory are used to reduce real estate space taken up by these R.

Anyway, the card is pretty impressive, with a silver heatsink on the Radeon chipset. That board will probably be a much better option for most people; who knows, I may even add it to my stock list of recommendations.

Although the Radeon carried a host of features, it is unfortunate that most of s6d4mb features will have to wait until Microsoft’s DirectX 8 releases officially.

Since you’re generally waiting for the RAM, though, core speed cranking makes close to no difference unless you’re running in such a low resolution that your frame rate, unless it’s CPU-limited, will be stupidly high anyway. Which was just the situation in my test.

You don’t get a box, you get a bubble-wrap bag. I believe that is a OEM only card There’s also a composite video input on the card for video capture purposes.