Download waveform data, start or stop a measurement, or setup a split display by using this menu. The History Memory function was designed for such situations. This feature is useful for automatically and reliably saving data e. Engineering — Application Development. Four AA batteries are required for memory backup.

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Become a FlexPro expert. Snapshot Function Enables Scopdcorder Waveform Comparisons Using the snapshot function, you can freeze the currently displayed waveform with the touch of a button.

FlexPro — Buying Guide. Numerous industries rely on the high performance of FlexPro. FlexPro, the measured data analysis software from Weisang, makes it extremely easy to present, analyze and manage your measured data. Parameters such as voltage axis sensitivity, screen scale settings, and linear scaling can be configured for each channel. Zcopecorder makes it easier to manage and analyze data using PCs and scopecordee tools. Download and try out all the features for free, then decide if FlexPro is right for you.

Download FlexPro and try the full-featured version free for 30 days without obligation. Up to four zones can be scopcorder. Detection on all 16 analog channels is available with OR conditions. This lets you check needed data immediately when preparing a report.


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Backup time varies according to the usage environment. The History Memory function was designed for such situations. In addition, the GUI menu makes setting trigger conditions easy and intuitive.

Do you have any feedback, ideas or requests related to our products and services? Using DualCapture, you can now record your trend data with a slow sampling speed and still be able to capture the transient phenomena with a faster scopecoder speed.

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Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt: High voltage switching noise is no longer a problem. This function calculates statistical information about the waveform.

Try FlexPro for free! The large memory capacity lets you capture all of your data el750 still maintaining a sample rate fast enough to see any abnormal phenomena.

In addition, snapshots can be saved to and loaded from storage media. Find your local reseller of FlexPro and other Weisang products. Quickly find the right data for fast analysis and visualization.


Noch keinen Wartungsvertrag abgeschlossen? Search Edge Search and Zoom: This means you can reliably save displayed waveforms to memory even when there are events for which trigger conditions cannot be set. The Edge Search counts rising and falling edges in the captured data.

Now scopecordet can get the free data viewer for your specific device! Each DSP channel can perform up to four arithmetic operations and filtering at high speed, without slowing down waveform acquisitions.

Efficient Memory Use Sufficient sckpecorder length is available even when 16 channels are used, so you can conduct extended observations on multiple channels 2. Available actions include outputting a screenshot to a specified destination, saving waveform data to a specified storage medium, sounding a buzzer, and sending email. Answers to these questions can be found here.

Comparative waveforms can be automatically produced in real time based on measured waveforms.