SYS; no 32MB limit;. This computer is DOS 6. Does anyone know of a downloadable software that will make the serial port read the ps2? Doesn’t matter if I use LH. Though some do have an “install” script which to me is a bad idea. For some it’s fast, for some it’s slow. I can’t see what’s so great about it.

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How to get the mouse to work in MS-DOS

ZIP reads and writes 1: Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog? Yes No I don’t have a dog. There are a few gamers here who use mouses, so they can probably give you better support when they get up.

ZIP Creates a large file with desired size; useful to force other files to the end of the disk, e. I have a number of mouse drivers here and a mouse plugged in without a driver ready to go for testing the odd piece of vintage software – but from what I’m seeing in my archives, I think you need a PS2 mouse if I’m not mistaken. Like in most DOS programs, the documentation is built in. mosue


Utilities for DOS and Windows

Though some do have an “install” script which to me is a bad idea. SYS; no 32MB limit. I’m against using a mouse for DOS so rarely do it. Those cakes make you sick I tell Net is the opinions of its users.

This computer is DOS 6. I put it on a floppy to use on my Gateway with a new fresh install of DOS 6. In any case, enabling it had no effect. A trackball mouse may not work with a generic driver so the one that’s loading for the old one may not work with your new one. I wonder how bloated the ordinary mouse driver is in comparison.

Originally Posted by Ole Juul. Problem enabling mouse under DOS 6.

There’s an explanation here ftp: BTW, if you’re interested in some good diagnostics, here is a link to some of mine http: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. This site hosts no abandonware.

How do I install CTMOUSE on a dos system?

Perhaps if make and model numbers of both trackballs were advised it might help. EXE Visual Basic 4.


It works great with the original preloaded mouse driver in Windows 3. Or just use Cutemouse. I could not find any useful documentation on how to install cutemouse either.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. In what to one race is omuse time at all, another race can rise and fall There’s nothing in the documented jumper settings for this – only on boards.

Combo software for Serial to PS2 mouse

And many other people had the same experience. So check the COM port settings. Many people here swear by ctmouse. The mouse worked fine under Windows 95 when it was installed.