As shown above, most flybacks these days have an open primary allowing us to simply wind the primary coil. Despite the generally low current of a flyback circuit, the high frequency several 10s of kHz and whisper quiet operation can lead to complacency, especially because flyback arcs can appear to be harmless and due to their high frequency, may not feel like much while current is flowing! This is a low current high voltage power supply, what kind of lamp do you want to supply from such a high voltage? When power is applied, the transistor will conduct the current allowed through resistors R1 and R2 into the flyback primary, causing it to induce a current on the secondary, and, at the same time, on the feedback winding. As you can see, it’s really small, simple and easy to make. Unfortunately, this server costs and we rely on the help of site members to keep 4hv.

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Here is a short components list: The circuit is up and running! Nice, HOT bright arcs form. The heat of this project is a ferrite-cored transformer, known as a flyback.

Flyback Driver Circuits

As strange as it sounds this design is more flexible that it appears superficially. About 15 seconds later the frost was gone and then 10 seconds later it started to get hot again. I’ve tired pushing up to 30V at 3A with part of the power 2n055 going through the resistors, nothing has happened, and the feedback coil shows no response on an oscilloscope.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Get one of those air duster cans, I think they are called dust off. Parts list, how to put it all together and what you can change to make it work for you.

Check if it is drawing current. The dangers are not obvious: Thu May 22 An alternative is to use a few Lead Acid batteries to power the flyback. The only thing that I’m suspicious of are the windings on the flyback being too loose, would using 14AWG wire which can’t form a very tight turn at the corners of the core cause nothing to work?

If it all works out, you should see a thin purple arc between the two terminals on the spark gap. As far as the operator is concerned, an arc represents some dangers too: However, with 5 turns on the primary, the smaller flyback produces longer, hotter and more powerful arcs I got to work by quickly setting up two metal wires and connected them to my flyback.

The arcs look different less lightning like and have a characteristic hissing sound associated with f,yback frequency. At W I could draw it over 3cm far at times, and at W it could reach out to 5cm 2″. There is no fixed number and do feel free to experiment to see what works best for you. About Labs Home Loneoceans.

It is also by far the simplest source of High voltage at high frequency. What you need to know about these solid state switches. As you say yourself, the direction of the winding, or as its called the phasing of the feedback coil could be opposit of the primary coil and thus be driving it degrees out of phase, try to switch the feedback connections around.


It should have two layers, the inner one a hard dua plastic, and the outer one made of rubber. June 16, at To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You could also varnish it or if possible, mold it all shut in epoxy.

This circuit is only meant for low power continues run, as flybaci have experienced, taking this up in power duap also dissipate a lot of power in switching losses due to the very inefficient self-resonant driving of the MOSFET. As with any other potentially hazardous device, you must accept the full consequences of your actions if you choose to build this system.

Hi, I have some issues with this circuit or any other circuit not working with my transformer.

POWERLABS’ High Voltage Solid State Flyback Driver

The circuit now pulls around 3A at 12V. So make sure to keep them away from any potential discharge point.

Until then, this driver should be useful, right up until I burn out the secondary that is: