Recently, we reviewed the Popcorn Hour A , a media streamer capable of doing everything we wanted from such a device for a bargain basement price. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Smaller than a cat, but larger than a kitten, if that helps. Network speed is capped right now by the unit itself and not really by the speed of the network. Configuring the requires minimal technical sense. Well, apparently quite a bit.

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But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there are still some worthy options out there.

It’s minimal in design, but the graphics are attractive and the machine responds quickly to remote control button presses. Like the Popcorn Hour A we recently reviewedthe can accept a hard drive. Not only is everything faster and more stabile, I often find features that were undocumented.


If you stop a movie while playing, pressing the bookmarks option will give you a list of the last few titles you play and lets you resume from the point they were stopped. It has just enough room to hold one hard drive inside. The difference is small and the A can be easily confused with thethat is to say they both look good.

It’s also possible to Dvco into the box from the internet. Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, Configuring the requires minimal technical sense.


The unit can also be retrofitted with a tiny digital tuner which lets it double as a PVR and record your digital TV straight to the same hard drive. The original TViX multimedia player earned my affection over the years, tviix home to a wide variety of video and audio that logistically I couldn’t access via a network.

I have found this to be extremely useful for obvious reasons. Papillon — Blu-ray Movie Review.

DViCO TViX HD M6500A Media Streamer

Don’t show this again. The is an upgrade to the TViX Click through for more pics and details. You have up to four network locations available. The MKV file container is supported too — Cvico offers plenty of cool options for menu systems and subtitles, and is a much more modern container than the ageing AVI system.

The unit shows you how much time you have been playing the audio, the artist and current song name although the number of characters is tviz limitedwhile the VFD shows you play time only. I would suggest they take this to the next level and also provide us with an option for automatically changing the output resolution exactly he match the content i. The front panel LCD is quite easily seen from a distance and can be useful in the initial setting up process or when trying to have the unit to play back audio without turning on your display.


What this really means is that you only have to cvico a file and play it back. Apple MacBook Pro inch Streamers always have problems supporting these, but DViCO gave up on it and concentrated on the other features. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in SMB shares are very easy to create and require no special software — they are the default network type for windows based PCs.

The is small and quite portable. Playback of video files from the HDD itself is silky smooth.

DViCO TViX HD M-6500A – digital AV player

There’s no built-in wireless, but there is an option to add this via an adaptor. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The remote is identical to that of the TVIX But can you really blame m-6500 The Good Amazing picture quality; fantastic selection of outputs; quiet operation even with a hard drive installed; expandable with optional extras like Wi-Fi dongle and Freeview receiver.

How to purchase an open reel tape deck and hdd to do with it once you have one.