Don’t have an account? Ensure that the firmware File is selected. Ensure that the Flipper Table Module can rotate freely. Page – Selecting the Exit button in the Diagnos The Printer has a durable casing that should retain its luster and appearance for many years. Page Page – Section 9: Page – Selecting the Visual Security Solutions

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See Remove the Printer Baseplate. Fargo Technical Support for additional technical assistance. The Card Printer is equipped with an internal adjustment mode programmable through the Electrknics dialog box. In the card grid, black indicates the area in which the resin black K panel will be printed.

Replace the Magnetic Door D Select the Rotate Back Degrees option to rotate the image on the back of the card by degrees when printed. Step Description Select this option to encode or re-encode cards without wasting additional time, effort fagro printing supplies. Refer to Drawing D Page 27 – Printer Components: Installing the Printer Driver continued Step Procedure a.

Click on the Firmware file link labeled for the specific Printer model. Remove the Printer Baseplate. Print the Windows test page that vargo located in the General tab of the Driver.



Cleaning the Printer’s Interior. PRN to the Printer.

Page – Resolving the Incorrect Image Darkness p Use the Horizontal adjustment to move the image: Using The Shift Data Left Checkbox Use this option for situations that require cards to be readable with insert type readers that may be unable to read the right-hand side of the card.

Print the card design and note how the image is oriented on the card as it ejects farg the Printer.

Page Click on the Browse button to browse through an open file dialog box, as shown below. The correct version Driver must be loaded for the Printer to interface with the OS and the application to print.

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The Magnetic Encoder verifies while the Stepper reverses the card. Wipe it down with a lint-free cloth. Disconnect the Stepper Motor Power Cable. If Ribbon type does not match, the media light will begin flashing.

A set of characters loaded into the Printer memory that can be programmed to print those characters on the card without rasterizing the image.


Step Procedure Select Optimized for Graphics when printing drawings and graphics e. Pull the bottom of the Input Tray out and then down to remove.


Clean the Printhead with a alcohol swab. Use the Fargo Diagnostic utility to send a test print to the Printer. Continued on the next page Don’t show me this message again. Click on the Send Firmware button.

If the white border is on the bottom edge of the card, adjust the Vertical value by Page Flipper Table Replacement Page A small array of mechanical switches installed on the board that can In-line Package be configured to change Printer operations including providing a Switches variety of self-tests.

To illustrate this, the card illustration electfonics in the Image Position box will flip and rotate according to the Portrait, Landscape or Rotate Degrees selection.