For this reason, we strongly recommend that you set an Administrator password. To confirm the settings, print a Configuration page. Fonts folder on the hard disk of your Mac OS 9 computer. Deletes the currently selected pages. To find out if a name server is available, contact your network administrator. Print Server User s Manual 1 Contents 1. Align Trays The Align Trays feature allows you to adjust the placement of text and images on a page so they are correctly aligned on a sheet of paper.

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Setting Up the Machine.

The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted.

Setting up UNIX workstations requires d3ety administrator with root privileges. This name appears in the Chooser on an AppleTalk network. Alert Status Print Status If there is a problem with processing a job or printing functions, an error message appears on the Control Panel. For information, see Setting passwords on page Publishing print connections Setting passwords Deleting fonts.

Drivers For Free – Printer Plotter Multifunction Efi Devices

If you change your mind about any of the menus you have selected, use the Menu button to escape and return to the main Bindery Setup menu. Keep track of the passwords that you set. Network access to the Fiery X3eTY is temporarily interrupted and all currently processing jobs are terminated. If you do not select this option, the Fiery X3eTY saves a file containing a record of all jobs ever printed. Only information specific to the Fiery X3eTY is presented.


See your site administrator if your mailbox requires a password. Before using the Fiery X3e Color Server with version 1.

Override user-assigned print option settings. Once assigned, jobs move down the Spool queue for processing Icons 2, 3, and 4. For more information, see To define media for specific pages on page To insert blank pages, click Insert Blank. Only the icons for the screens currently available appear. The Available Servers dialog box appears, displaying all servers found in the local subnet. The Delete button appears only if you logged in as Administrator. Lowercase letters are allowed in this field.

To merge documents, the page sizes of the source document and the target document must be the same. For instructions on using WebScan, see page Press the OK button to the right of a command to select that command. The job is then processed as soon as the previous job is finished and before the next queued job is processed.


Time Zone Specify the correct time zone. With this option On, black text and line art are printed x3eyy black toner only. Workgroup or Domain If you chose No for Use Automatic configuration, enter the name of the workgroup or domain. Workgroup or Domain Enter the name of the workgroup or domain. You can merge raster pages of documents of different types and from different computer operating systems. Ports From remote Setup, you can enable Ethernet.


Proceed to step 2. In each subsequent browse screen, the top line represents your current location. Type the name of the device the Fiery X3eTY is connected to: If the scan vv2.01 exceeds this maximum, the file will not be sent to the Fiery X3eTY and the job will not be recorded in the Job Log.