Remove the raster from a job that has raster data; leave the PostScript job in place. The currently selected value appears first. Multiple choice questions You are given choices that appear as buttons on the touch panel for example, Yes or No, or a list of options from which to choose. After setting up the WINS name server settings, turn off and on the copier for the settings to take effect. You can set up a maximum of eight file server connections. When a client on a remote computer decides to print, the job is directed to a Print queue on the NetWare file server and spooled to the NetWare server disk, freeing up the client workstation.

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Drivers >>> Fiery X3ety 50c-km Ps V2.01 driver

To be available to applications, the screen fonts must remain in the System Folder: For information, see the documentation that accompanies your network system. User Guide Legal Notes Unauthorized reproduction of all or part of this guide is prohibited.

If you move the pages on top of existing pages, the existing pages are overwritten. A computer More information.

Reorder pages in a job and combine pages from different jobs. Administrator privileges also include Operator privileges.

You do not need to perform Setup when you add or remove a NetWare queue. All published connections are constantly checked for foery presence of jobs. NetWare networks NetWare 3.


Temporarily held on the server until the job has completed printing Held in the RIP area indefinitely saved to disk Held in RAM after printing can be selected in the Print area while it remains thereor held in RIP area saved to disk if destination was RIP and Hold Deleted Deleted and regenerated if the newly selected options require reripping or reprinted with the new settings if none require reripping Changed if job is edited, unaffected if job is only viewed Thumbnail B Open the selected raster data job not necessarily a held job in the Thumbnail B window for viewing or for merging into a job in the Thumbnail A window.


Choose From List if your network does not have a large number of file servers. You are notified if there are none. Application This manual has been issued by More information. Full Output GCR offers accurate proofing by providing a colorimetric conversion of all four plates.

If you press the F5 button on your keyboard to refresh the monitor screen while the WebTools, Status, WebDownloader, or Installer windows are active, you are returned to the initial LogIn screen for WebTools.

Subtree to restrict the search and specify the subtree. Grayscale converts all colors into shades of gray.

Fiery X3eTY 35C-KM SERVER & CONTROLLER SOLUTIONS. Configuration and Setup

This is especially important for Windows printing, also known as SMB printing. For example, in the address the administrator user name is pat.

X3fty the print connections that you published are displayed. Send the following types of files directly to the Fiery X3eTY for printing, without opening the application in which they were created: Server Windows 98, Me, NT4. This function requires an Administrator password.


If Guest Login is not supported, you need a valid user name and password. To merge documents, the page sizes of ifery source document and the target document must be the same.

Enter Password Enter the login password for the NDS tree, using the up and down arrow buttons to select characters, and the left and right arrow buttons to move the cursor. This device name appears in the Printer Setup section of the Configuration page.

Fiery X3eTY 35C-KM SERVER & CONTROLLER SOLUTIONS. Configuration and Setup – PDF

Setting Up the Machine. Types of Setup screens There are two types of Setup options: When prompted to specify the printer name, enter a name that indicates the Fiery X3eTY print connection. This function requires the Administrator password. The Administrator also must prepare each user s computer to communicate with v2.01 Fiery X3eTY over the Internet or intranet.

This FTP log is useful to the network administrator. To modify the name or password of a printing group, click Modify. Because many of these security features are interconnected, review the information in this chapter to plan for an flery security system, and then perform Setup accordingly.