Async persistency via option 3 or option 4 – aka Mirror Service The suggested way is to use option 5. You should deploy the ExternalDataSource implementation to each space. Welcome to the new Gigaspaces XAP forum. Please sign in tags users badges help. All client interaction is performed through this proxy. Future versions will resolve this inconsistency.

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Thereby, guaranteeing reading the data from the database and loading it into the space before the space is available for clients it perform initial load phase? The path to log4j.

To recover your account, please follow these instructions. This scenario is useful when you want to read or modify POJO objects without loading the concrete java classes. All basic logical operations to create conditions: See the Space URL configuration page.

Interacting with the Space

For more information, see: The connection URL should include: The SQL query support is provided in two flavors: This would not affect the application performance in great deal as long as your database configured to cope with batch operations. Welcome to the new Gigaspaces XAP forum. Currently, simplicity is essential during our evaluation of GigaSpaces. Hi, Can somebody answer this? Gihaspaces are several additional query options available.

The latest stable version is DataIterator that allows you to load into the space the relevant data set you want. This is the default behavior of the write operation.


Primary backup replication problem. Porting existing JDBC code to the space is certainly doable but would require some level of adaptation depending on the specifics of the case and the complexity of the SQL queries and – for legacy applications – may gigaspacse be easier then porting existing code to leverage the Space technology directly.

Object, Product] gugaspaces Option 2 support async file cache flush swap schema that can improve the performance but it would not be fast as option 5. By designating an attribute on the space class gigaspacee a partitioning key, the space proxy will then know to which partition a particular instance of the space class belongs to.

This can vastly improve the performance if you need to load many objects at once into the space. With large databasethis might take some gigaspaced. Thanks Shay Initially, We would be more interested in reading from a database into a spacethan writing to one; in other words, a WorldLoaderService. Partitioning is used when the total number of objects is too big to be stored in a single space.

Interacting with the Space

Simply have the space URL to be declared as the following remote space access: In this case you avoid remote calls when interacting with the space since the data load done from within the space. One method of the service, is supposed to do some calculations on collocated space on single partition – the local one – and return result to the caller. Each table is represented in the space by objects that hold its properties and data.


Since we support only part of the SQL syntax this path should be taken with this extra caution and would normally requires close support from GigaSpaces technical team.

In the following parts of this tutorial we will introduce you the different schemas that support the XAP Spring integration. This will make sure the database activity would not increase hdbc rego log size within the space to store large amount of space events that will cause slow space performance space send its activities in async mode to the database via the mirror. When querying the Space class, the class package is stripped and only the class name is used.

Template matching match by example is a simple way to query the space. Doc and Examples for the above options: