Font caching helps to eliminate the reimaging of characters that have already been used. In the printer, V supply voltages can range from 90 to VAC. To replace the liner drive roller 1. The media is loaded incorrectly. As before, if the character is cached, it will only need to be imaged a single time. E3;F3 Enter all characters not enclosed in brackets by pressing an individual keypad key.

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The fourth hole in the roller alignment tool fits over the black plastic cap closest to the front of the printer.

After replacing a component, refer to Chapters 2 and 3 for the priht to complete the repair by ensuring that you leave the printer performing at its optimum level.

U20 decodes these chip selects using address lines A16 and A You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The illustration on the following page shows the process of generating and caching a specified character.

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The printer has one electrically powered motor that is the source of simultaneous movement for all of the driven parts. The printer automatically attempts to correct for this error condition by resetting to the lowest print speed and to the highest number of image bands, and then repeats printing the label. It is intended to bring to your attention, important general safety concerns, specific warnings and cautions, and sources of additional information.


Clean the label gap sensor with a cotton swab and alcohol. Customer may be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement that is caused or encouraged by its failure to abide by these terms.

Check ijtermec media path.

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Palmer XV General Information General Information This chapter identifies basic features, options, and technical specifications of the printer. Hardware Configuration The hardware configuration label is the first label printed when you enter Test and Service mode. Unplug the motor cable from the main PCB and remove the motor from the motor plate and motor mount bracket.

Printing large text for chemical drum or pallet labeling is easy using the large outline font. Imaging of a second label could begin in the third image band while the first label is still printing. We use seven of these chip selects.

Use only Intermec label and ribbon stock to ensure superior print quality and product performance. Printer is set for continuous label stock. Unfortunately, there is no formula to use to calculate an ideal configuration. The hub has a TTR encoder sense label attached to it that is used for ribbon motion sensing. The square wave output frequency is programmable.

Print Energy Compensation The digital thermal compensation system and the global compensation system combine to provide the printer with maximum printhead energy control to optimize print quality.


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Wait 5 to 10 seconds for the print surface to dry. Invalid UDC transmission syntax. The RAM is configured as Kx8. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Network Connectivity Using the Parallel Interface option and an Ethernet or other network adapter, the can be connected to a network.

Route the label gap sensor cable through the cutout in the main deck plate and reattach the media guide assembly to the frame.

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 Thermal Print Head

If you must perform authorized emergency work on energized equipment, be sure that you comply strictly with approved safety regulations. Syntax error for program commands. The voltage at TP18 should now be greater than 2. If this test does not work, recheck after you make sure that the DIP switches are set to the default configuration and that the printer cable is securely plugged into COM1 of your PC.

Printhead or platen roller is severely worn.

Error Codes Most of the problems you may encounter cause the printer to send an error code to the host. Inspect or test print quality every service visit. Check for adequate grounding.