The method of claim 16, wherein transferring to the second gaming device the data related to the gaming experience of the first gaming device comprises transferring to the second gaming device the data on the performance of the first gaming device, wherein the transferred data on the performance of the first gaming device is used to customize the gaming experience of the second gaming device. PC peripheral interactive doll. A piconet can have a master and up to seven slaves. Compared to the human fingers, the human thumb may be characterized as having larger range of motion, stronger sustaining force actuation and poorer dexterity. Alternatively, input assembly unit can be custom designed for specific gaming device, for example a joystick for controlling movements of the remote controlled car The method of claim 12, wherein transferring data to a video game comprises transferring data to one selected from a group of a video game console, a hand-held video game device, a personal computer, and a mobile communication device. For example, in District of Columbia Metro Subway System, every terminal is smartcard enabled and people can pay for their subway rides by waving their wallet containing a prepaid smartcard in front of a grounded receptor.

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In addition, user experience cannot easily be ported from one platform to another. The interface and input system includes input elements not shownleadetship as keys, buttons, pressure sensor pads, touch pads, rotary dials, thumb joysticks, linear strip sensors or other actuators associated with one or more sensors that can be manipulated by one or both of a human user’s thumbs or fingers.

Communication interface may be a gzmer link such as Bluetooth or any other wireless communication interface known to one of joypadd skill in the art.

Additionally, the communication link can be other standard wireless links such as infrared, wireless fidelity Wi-Fior any other wireless connection. In Europe and Asia, contactless, wireless smartcards laedership on similar technologies as the RFID keyfob are increasingly being used for a variety of commerce transactions. Next, atdata related to the second gaming device, e. For example, input elements e. The input accelerator device is communicatively coupled to a hand-held host devicesuch as a cellular phone, PDA, pocket PC, or smart phone, or other similar devices using a communication linksuch as the Bluetooth protocol.


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A piconet can have a master and up to seven slaves. Up IR pointer Leave it as it was in the default settings, and I mean using the mouse. Usage of other wear and tear components of the remote controlled car can be tracked in similar fashion.

The universal controller of claim 1, wherein the toy comprises one selected from a group of a remote-controlled car, a remote-controlled robot, and a remote controlled doll. In those instances, the processor can directly receive the electrical signal and interpret it into a suitable input signalwhich is mapped using the mapping techniques noted above and described in more detail below. The input accelerator device further may include a read only memory ROM or other static storage device coupled to bus for storing static information and instructions for processor The universal controller further include an input assembly unit For example, one or more communication-related applications can be called and executed to 1 identify the available communication protocol on the gaming devices and and ping gaming devices and ; 2 open a communication link; 3 determine system properties of the gaming devices and ; 4 identify the appropriate version of the selected data; 5 transmit the selected data; and 6 verify the transmission.

Horizontally If a game requires that you hold your wiimote sideways, it’s easier to play, but more complicated to configure. Such computer program products may include executable instructions that cause a computer system to conduct one or more of the method acts described herein. Vertically If a game requires that you hold your wiimote normally, configure like this.

Download driver gamepad k one

Moreover, the number of input elements in the input assemblies are not limited to the number of input elements described in the implementations above. Devices carried in the purse, in the wallet, or on a keychain are ideal because these devices already serve another primary function, and providing input acceleration via these devices may result in a convergent accelerator device that substantially improves user experience without increasing the number of items that a person needs to carry around.

The vibratory unit may be an electric motor with vibratio eccentric mass attached to the motor’s shaft, a solenoid, a variable reluctance device, a loud speaker or any other vibrator that can provide tactile feedback.


Also, gxmer the human thumb has a bigger actuation muscle than any of the fingers, it can provide larger sustaining forces than the fingers. In one implementation the hand-held host device interprets the 10022 signals on the fly using software, such as mapping software, to execute the function mapped to the actuated input element. The universal controller interfaces with the gaming device by initiating a data link through the two communication channels and The mapping of the input elements to particular input functions for a given software application, cibration done by an input controller or processor on the hand-held host device in response to the input signals transmitted by the input accelerator device, may be customized by the application developer or the user through downloads or other programming modalities.

Transferring data between the universal controller and the gaming devices and is accomplished with minimum input from the user. The storage unit can store data related to the gaming experience of the gaming devices and An adaptor not shown may be supplied to allow one type of data connector either attached to a data cable not shown or integrated with the universal controller to plug into a variety of adaptors on the gaming device The universal controller of claim 6, wherein the data on the performance of the first gaming device is transferred to the second gaming device to compete in a video game.

You can select what button, or movement leadfrship emulate with bibration button, trigger, or stick on the gamepad. The input controllerwhich ,eadership include one or more processors, receives the vibragion or more electrical signals and converts them into input signalswhich are in a form suitable to be received and interpreted by the hand-held host device Accordingly, other implementations are within the scope of the following claims.

System and method for an RC controller and software. Take your game playing to the next level with these downloads. The data can be hardwired in a non-volatile memory unit of the accessory devices