Architectural and detailed design is collectively known as the Internal Design. On the basis of the feedback provided by the evaluation process the organization in order to keep its system at the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency of course within cost constraints must respond by taking corrective actions. When the client wants to perform the functionalities in another system and see the result, a method in the remote system is invoked from the client. It is portable and it is platform neutral. The user is also not aware of the different data type, which is used in the system. With a JDBC technology-enabled driver, you can connect all corporate data even in a heterogeneous environment. Cancellation The Passengers can then cancel their tickets by entering the reservation code.

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The system developed here can be upgraded or expanded, if necessary. The system is implemented by finishing the project with the help of appropriate tools that been suggested and are loaded in to the server. The designing phase identifies the functions, which have to be performed by the system.

In case of cancellation of onward journey ticket, discount on return journey ticket will be withdrawn. The Java EE platform is defined by a specification. The output summary of the tables and fields are displayed in a table format and the respective heading of the table are printed in bold font. The corresponding method in the remote system performs the job and sends the results to the client that is reflected in its interface.


Structured process Structure permits decomposition of a large system into small, manageable units with well-defined relationship to the other unit in the system.

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The booking will be confirmed after the financial gateway approves the transaction. To avail this discount only one seat should be booked in a ticket.

These include Enterprise JavaBeans, servlets, portlets following the Java Portlet specificationJava Server Pages and several web service technologies. Methodologies – methodologies are an integrated set of the above geserve and techniques. Each unit is a processing abstraction. The records should be modified by only administrators and no one else. E is a technical performance aspect and the other is acceptance within the organization.

The methodologies should be reaerve documented for accomplishing the task or activity and provide a description of the process to be used. JSP has a distinct advantage over many other technologies.

The purpose of Integration testing is to verify functional, performance and reliability requirements rederve on major design items. E-ticket should be cancelled by user himself. If refund is not received within seven days, users are requested to send resrve to onlinerefund ksrtc. It will be the validation of final project. Fill in the form method It is the simplest and the most common approach.

A DFD is a network that describes the flow of data and the processes that change, or transform data throughout a system.

However, valuable luggage needs to be carried by passengers themselves. Techniques are manifestation of concepts. You acknowledge that using another person’s mobile phone or providing inaccurate mobile phone number or unauthorized use of mobile phone number for receiving the SMS may entail disclosure of your confidential information which disclosure shall be at your sole risk.


HTML can also describe, to some degree, the appearance and resreve of a document, and can include embedded scripting language code, which can affect the behavior of web browsers and other HTML processors. Reservation fee is non-refundable.

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The Complete Reference 5th Edition: Above conditions apply for partial cancellations also. Considering the interactive nature of the task the system must have the following characters.

It is required to explore systems running different operating system. Here user can select his seats. On first use, a JSP document gets compiled into a Java byte code and can be easily ported from one platform to another.

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Computerization was proposed as a solution to the problem of being out dated with the fast present technologies. This includes, but is not limited to the process of executing a program or a with the intent of finding software bugs. Software testing is an empirical technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or a under test, with respect to the context in which it is intended to operate.