Keito Nichi is the class rep in Takuto’s class and sits in front of him, she also is known as Ivrogne, leader of the Glittering Crux Brigade’s “Bougainvilleae” Squad. Small x6, Medium x2 F: The earliest extant examples of these date to the mid-to-late 12th century and are found, respectively, in Kumedadera Temple in Osaka and Horyu-ji, a temple in Nara. Please regard Keito-kun kindly. They had a limited time Unit skill throughout this event. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 K1:

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On the Vajra Footpath inactive. Search in Features Section:. He also wears white athletic tape on his left wrist and a black, gold-trimmed glove on the other hand.

“Star Driver” Keito no Asa to Yoru (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Retrieved from ” http: Hierarchy – 13 Game Chapter 1 Manga. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 J: When Keito was young it is shown that she loved Sugata and despite not being as close her feelings have not changed. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 J1: Small x7, Medium x3 I Retrieved from ” http: Surrounding this central section is a rectangle or circle containing the 12 signs of the zodiac, a grouping which in Asia represents the 12 yearly phases of the moon, similar to the Western zodiac, but not based on the specific constellations through which the sun passes.


Star worship never became a part of mainstream Buddhist practice in Japan, but these rare mandalas reveal an early Japanese integration of sophisticated astrological practices into Buddhist beliefs and art, created over several hundred years with tremendous artistry and precision.

Both of these schools were founded by Japanese monks who traveled to China and brought back the mandala art form, as well as such Buddhist practices as mantras sacred chantsmudras hand gesturesmeditation techniques, and elaborate ritual objects. Central section of a rectangular Star Mandala, Japan, Edo period — Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 J He wears high black boots with black laces.

Small x7, Medium x3 G Level 40 ;: Supporting the student council president, Eichi Tenshouinas his right hand man, Keito has a strong influence in the academy.

Cosmic Contemplations: A Glimpse of Japan’s Rare Star Mandalas | Buddhistdoor

Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 J2: In the section immediately surrounding the central Buddha are squares or circles containing deities representing the Nine Celestial Luminaries the Sun, the Moon, five planets, and two mythical stellar phenomena and the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper constellation. The Buddha figure at the center of these mandalas is typically shown seated in the lotus keiti, holding a golden wheel in his hands.

Small x10, Medium x5, Large x2 R: As well as the central Buddha and stellar deities, the outer sections of the Star Mandala were also significant in fortune-telling rituals.


Sign In Don’t have an account? Despite this Keito is greatly devoted to Sugata, using her powers to save him from coma after apprivoising Samekh. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 O2: Overall, she seems to think of Takuto as something of a younger brother.

(Willpower and Pride) Keito Hasumi

She is slim and has long dark green etar which she keeps up in a pony tail with streaks coming from behind, hanging on her shoulders and long bangs. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 O He is without traits that would be considered odd or unusual to find in a Japanese student.

Contents [ show ]. Despite being a misanthrope, he still holds dear to a select few of people who he deemed worthy to stand by and stay by his side.

Philosophy and Buddhist Studies. Because of this, he seems rude and almost unapproachable at first glance.

Although, he seemingly tolerates and occasionally even likes people with more odd traits, such as Eichi, his childhood friend, and Rei, a former friend of his. This is something I kept in mind as I portrayed this character. Clear Condition Per Node: