Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. The DIMM slots could be just a few millimeters further apart for some memory modules with heat spreaders. In any case how can one controller run at and the other at on the same array? The comparisons are subjective. The nVidia Firewall protection can be as simple as turning it on. This provides for one of the two Gigabit Ethernet ports. Find More Posts by bobkn.

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How does it overclock? Optimum would be to place the 4-pin nearest the pin connector. The 4-pin ATX connection ended up buried in the corner on the opposite side of the motherboard from the pin connection.

This was the case with the four DIMM slots.

Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra SLI Motherboard

Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. Splinter Cell is a DirectX 8. Those plastic pins, in my mind, are sure to fatigue and s-aya with any weight on them.

AGP aperture was set to MB. There is a level of vulnerability there. Originally Posted by stormy Now when you insert one of the new cables into the appropriate slot, it’ll lock into place.


Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra SLI Motherboard « Icrontic

Designers must pull their hair out at times simply because of the layout constraints of a product. I spoke with Gigabyte and it is normal for the NF4 chipset to run that hot.

I was -sata to change that now using this method: PCI-E has brought about a change in power requirements. Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit SP 1. Drivers upgraded frpm asus P6T to asus P6T deluxe It looks like the board does not support AHCI. Similar help and s-aat threads. Windows 7 Ultimate x It was first brought to market with the nForce3 GB chipset. Anyone experienced with s-aya particular motherboard, please help me out. The Gigayte site says Watts with 2 x GT graphic boards that’s what I am planning to have I beleive but this seems a bit low?

While Serial ATA has advanced past IDE on many fronts, s–ata thing I did notice after setting up kn88 few systems is that the cables come off the motherboard and drives quite easily. The ATX connections sits free and clear at the top end of the motherboard but the 4-pin ATX connectors sits at the top end of the backplane on the opposite side of the board. The review sample was not as hot as other sites have reported. It may not be a speed demon for overclocking but multimedia enthusiasts are looking for much more.


I tried it every way I could think of from boot and from windows. Aggressively priced against the competition in a very narrow space between product lines. Find More Posts by bobkn. Where can i download drivers for this shit? Aquamark was one benchmark that would consistently reset audio and video settings to defaults at the end of each round of tests.

Many enthusiasts purchase specialty memory that comes standard with heatspreaders. Quake III still continues to hang around.

Thanks for that Stormy. I am amazed that no one else, that I have been able to find in forums, has commented on this problem. Or, can you run the Raid 5 off the Nvdia controller chipset.