I would say nice idea, just needed some more development. Now highlight the CD again and hey presto the album, by magic appears on the MP3 player!!!! After the trouble I had with the player crashing my computer, I spoke to my more PC knowledgable brother, who said that the problem sounded suspiciously like a very nasty computer virus on the player. I was succesful in putting the music on the hard drive, it’s all there. Copy selected CDs to computer.

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Posted on Thursday, May 04, – I was succesful in putting the music on the hard drive, it’s all there.

With that in mind, we’re going to march into Curry’s tomorrow and demand the full purchase price back from them, and see about getting something in way of compensation for all the hassle its caused – mainly wiping out Gb of data on my main drive and logii it inoperable.

The joy of hard-disk MP3 players is that they aren’t dependent on specific installers or applications to allow you to transfer jdd33 from your PC into the player.

Logik Audio & HiFi Cable | Partmaster

That sounds vaguely like the name in a book I’ve read. Brought to you by. First, when i tried to put music on that there were only “ALL” and nothing else! I found out that: Got mine for christmas and logi the appearence, however ive stayed up until 2am twice since trying to copy my music onto it. Anyone stripped one down just for the drive? Then press “Sync” WMP version I would say nice idea, just needed lobik more development.


Logik Usb Cable Genuine spare part. It’s also interesting to note that the Logik HDD33 has suspiciously disappeared from Curry’s website – perhaps they’re aware of serious problems with the players?

Have been trying to get them working all day so far!

Logik HDD33 (3 GB) MP3 Player

Couple of tips 1. Audio Cable – 3. However, as I said before its great for the price and the sound quality is good too with decent hdd333. As to wether this will make the player more stable who knows, but i will not be beaten by this thing!!!!!!!!!

One has worked without problem so far but the other kept freezing. However, I had and now definitely have no intention of using the software that comes bundled with the player, as in my experience, most software that comes with USB devices like MP3 players is absolutely rubbish.

Install audiophile off cd disk as you need this if you want ndd33 find tracks by genre, year etc 3. Who can you contact to get them fixed?


Posted on Monday, January 23, – Everything seems to be working fine but I’ll be keeping my documents just in case Simply enter the cd and click “restore”.

Logik HDD33 3.3Gb MP3 Player

Posted on Sunday, January 08, – So tried to drag and drop using windows into k2, but this did not work I’m fed up with it. That means that the player couldn’t find a file.

Logik Mains Cable Genuine spare part. Posted on Wednesday, January 04, – BUT randomly the screen sort of moves up and the top row of icons shift to the bottom. Logil on Sunday, December lobik, – Using this forum for reference thanks guys I did the following: Use window media player to rip cd your tracks in. Posted on Saturday, January 14, –