However, in doing so, i was able to determine which USB entry was for the KeyRig25 by showing hidden entries. Skip Finken January 04, I hear pops and clicks in the audio when using the Key Rig. I also use Windows 8, and my Keyrig 49 is also recognized by my new HP desktop and in Protools 8, but I get no sound no matter what I tried. Messages in this thread Sib.

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Saboter Zac January 03, No rudeness or offense is intended. After re-starting, KeyRig keyrit working. And you really should use ASIO drivers for sound unless you have an audio interface and drivers that came. It is a little be a.

Key Rig 49 does appear. Vasco Jardim September 18, Let me see if I have the overview right. I suppose keyrib could get away with twice that for Flexitime input. As you can see from the bottom area of the attached file, the dropdown associated with the Interface field of the Audio Engine Optins Dialog does indeed contain a reference now for ASIO4All.

Sibelius – the leading music composition and notation software

Same problem for me as well! This comment was removed on It was installed drivers and all. Up to now I have been getting notes adio the computer Sibelius with the keypad. Sorry but keyrig keyboards are not to be seen on the list of Ignite’s compatible keyboards.


Was able to identify the usbFlag value of directly from the Device Driver Details tab by viewing Hardware Ids.

Additionally, it sounds like unless or until I have Sibelius Sounds or a Keyboard that produces its own sounds, there’s not much sense in horsing around with ASIO drivers either. I uderstand that azio stuff is taking a priority, but the older equipments still are used by a lot of us But the problem with it is that, according to the reviews, it requires an AISO card.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Forget about using the Windows-integral Microsoft Synth – presumably what the basic MIDI setup is offering you – if you keyriy to play with Flexitime input. Do I have to load Absynth or other similar programs in software like Cubase.

All times are GMT It seems a shame to have to load 40 gig of files onto a computer for a problem no more complex than that. I can’t wait until I can have another great M-Audio midi controller beside my Korg, Yamaha, Kurzweil, Akai, Emu, Casio and Roland synths collection I’ve had one of each of those in the past and it would be great to line them all up one day and play them in a midi rack stack with the M-Audio as the midi controller.


M-Audio KeyRig 49 latency problems’.

I purchased a Launchkey 49 a few months ago and eventually got it. The leslie speed controls are mapped to the pitch bender so you can wind up the rotary speaker speed or slow it down by feel.

If you want VST synths and are on a budget, then check out http: Discover the magic of the Internet.

As mentioned above, windows 8 does not require any additional drivers…. Send a private message to Tyvekace. CMeadows July 05, My laptop diedi bought a new desktop and I have isntalled windows I like using winzip. Here is my configuration: