So what’s the hip and hype behind this chipset? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Don’t worry about it. Unless I get lucky at the flee market today. Don’t be alarmed by the output, normal cards also have such registers.

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I will let you know about the result.

Diamond Monster Sound MX – sound card Overview – CNET

I will do that and edit this post if it is working. But I haven’t bothered to install chipset drivers for it. It gave me the same result. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Sounnd preliminary testimony, let me say that this card rocks. The diag software “shouldn’t” ever freeze, it operates at the lowest system level communication to the card.

It helped make the name “Voodoo” synonymous with fast 3D acceleration during that time frame. Does any wave and MP3’s play okay? We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

SONICblue Diamond Monster Sound PCI (90010041) Sound Card

Board index All times are UTC. It’s time for me to go to bed now so I will have to wait until tomorrow before I can give you more information.

Diamond realized that the DOS gaming world was not completely dead and afford a pass through for your old ISA sound card, which would continue to provide Sound Blaster compatibility if so desired. Diamond has added on a connector supported by the Vortex 2 that will allow the attachment of upgrade cards. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I need to make another The diag.


Hence, the Monster Sound was born.

The industry was abuzz; 3D audio was taking off, and at about the same time, Creative Labs was announcing its own vaunted Monster killer, the SoundBlaster Live!. I don’t know if the pvi web drivers fix this problem, there is no mention of it in the readme, so if you don’t heed this advice, you are on your own.

First though, you get the requisite history lesson. I have personally tested and tried this advance technology and was amazed!

That’s right, two internal audio ins! I wouldn’t joke about something like that. There are a few versions of this computer but I think it is this one: I browsed through some logs in “Microsoft system information” and I found this in multimedia and the sound card “SSA3D Mac OS X It’s not going to be a driver issue then if your hardware is locking during these diag card reads, I ppci suspecting that there is either a conflict on the bus somewhere, or the card itself may have issues.


Games that only support A3D 2.

It’s as if I can only hear the reflections. Unfortunately for the impatient, soune this coolness took a long time to get going, and the MX, which was supposed to ship at the end of September, just arrived on December 17th. I’m honestly not sure what it could be at this point, CODEC should be fine since you hear the reflections, but my diag doesn’t test it.

MX is created with such unique 2 ouput jack that allows you to connect to 4-point speakers similar to CREATIVE’s offering, it even goes a step futher by implementing the detection of 4 speakers input when you plug into it’s rear line-out jack.

For those that don’t remember, the Monster 3D, like other Voodoo Graphics cards, was a dedicated 3D-only graphics card. Another bad point is the lack of A3D 2.

Diamond Monster Sound Mobster – sound card. Check the card and also the motherboards PCI-X contacts and clean them if needed. If it does not find it, then the features will be scaled down to what the hardware can handle.